40 Rainbow Nails to Get You Out of Spring Nail

Summer is the time for all things bright and vampy, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty. With the oxblood hue and other rich colors taking dominance over most things, something bright could certainly be a nice and refreshing breath of fresh air. If you’re tired of the usual Spring colors and don’t want them anywhere near your nails for a while.

one of the best nails colors is rainbow color in summer, be it on clothes or on your nails, is to do something Rasta inspired. There are plenty of nail designs you can create and all you need is black nail polish mixed with some red, yellow, green and whatever else you like.

this really easy rainbow nails will surely make you feel like it’s summer again! To get the look, dip your brush and keep the excess polish on the tip then quickly drizzle it over your nails that have been painted with a white base. so you can check out the 40 rainbow nails design pictures below for inspiration.

best rainbow nails ideas 01

best rainbow nails ideas

Get your quick-acting skills on the ready, this rainbow manicure look is sure to get your nails side drooling! Choose bright, vivid colors when doing this look for best results. check out these rainbow manicures to get you out of you nail rut.

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