The Benefits Of Eating Two Eggs A Day

The importance of chicken eggs have always been questioned. It is strange People still condemn this product despite its uniqueness in composition in many ways. Bright side collected results of recent studies on the significance of chicken eggs on the human body. Result showed 2-3 eggs is the ideal daily dose.

8. Your brain is under choline’s protection

Phospholipids, allows normal communication of brain cells, consists of choline. It has been clinically proven that this vitamin is the most important building material of the brain. Eating two eggs a day, gives your body the opportunity to retain this particular nutrient. Lack of Choline leads to memory decrease in memory.
protect your brain

7. Lutein preserves sight

New research shows chicken eggs are rich in lutein which is responsible for clear and sharp sight. In its absence, destructive changes in the eye tissues amass, and eye sight irreversibly deteriorates.
preserve sight

6. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium

If you offer someone a choice of drinking a spoonful of fish oil or eating a boiled egg, most would go for the latter. Mainly, once they notice the level of vitamin D is same in both scenarios. However, scientists have increased the level of vitamin D in eggs by feeding chickens special supplements. It helps calcium better absorb and strengthen your teeth and bones.
absorb calcium

5. Vitamin B complex protects the liver, hair, and skin

Vitamin B12, Biotin, and digestible nourishing proteins assist in strengthening the hair and skin. Phospholipids found in chicken eggs facilitates the elimination of toxins from the liver.
protects the liver, hair, skin

4. Low risk of cardiovascular diseases

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Regardless of previous opinions, new research proves cholesterol from eggs is balanced with phosphatides, so it is not detrimental to our health. It also deters the body’s own cholesterol production. Also, eggs have omega-3 acids that decrease triglyceride levels, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Lessens the risk of cancer

Choline is very necessary to the brain, and also decreases the risk of cancer. A study’s result on women whose daily diet during adolescence included eggs, reduced the risk of developing breast cancer by 18%.
Lessens the risk of cancer

2. Useful when having children

An egg contains 7.0mcg of the vitamin B; it enables the formation of sex hormones; vitamin B9 is also known as folic acid. It enables formation of red blood cells and the neural tube of the fetus, and reduces the risk of mental retardation in children which is why it is indeed necessary for women who wants to get pregnant.
Useful when having children

1. Slows aging process

Dutch scientists research showed 87% of women aged 35 to 40, age spots disappeared and skin lifted. In men, the wrinkles around the yes leveled remarkably.
Slows aging process

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