Top 10 Cities With The Cleanest Air In The World

The rise in technology and the increase in the use of fossil fuels have given us a new kind of problem. Air pollution. While some cities enjoy being surrounded by natural lush green covers, others haven’t quite been developed with a rigid plan in mind making them clogged and polluted. Today we will be looking at the cities that provide the cleanest air to its citizens. A list of the top 10 cities with the cleanest air.

1. Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

Whitehorse, Yukon Canada
The capital of Yukon and also its largest city, Whitehorse is a part of the Guinness book of world records as the city with the cleanest air. The Canadian and local governments have worked hard to ensure that the public transport system in the city is top notch reducing the need for cars on the street. While the laws have made it easier for the city to keep its air clean, the environmental factors have also helped. The population density is lower than most cities.

2. Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Arizona, USA

In a list published by the WHO, the United States has the highest number of cities with the cleanest air. They have some of the most stringent laws when it comes to the environment and with the help of their environmental protection agency, clean air initiatives Lake Havasu in Arizona has the cleanest air. Being located next to a lake sure does help in absorbing the air pollution the cars and factories might produce.

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